Local SEO For Beginners: The First Tips You Should Learn

Learning Local SEO

If you’re completely new to SEO, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. It’s true that optimising a site for search engines requires you to do a number of things. However, once you have a grasp on the basics, SEO will be a lot simpler – check this article for a good overview of the basics of local seo – here.

The Importance Of Keywords

One of the foundations of SEO is keywords. What is a keyword? In a nutshell, it’s a word that people will use when they search for something.

You should include keywords in the title of your content and the body of your content. It’s also a good idea to have them in your URLs and image tags. Focus on keyword phrases rather than single-word keywords.  There a still a lot of free keyword tools out there, including one of the oldest and still the best – Google Keyword Tool.

The Importance Of Mobiles

When search engines look at your site, they don’t just consider their appearance. They look at how they display on all kinds of devices. Because mobile devices are so popular, you need a site that will display properly on mobiles. A responsive design is exactly what you need.  To assess whether your sites are mobile ready, use the Google site test.

On Page Versus Off Page SEO

There are two main types of SEO. Onpage SEO involves the changes that you make to your own web page. Off page SEO are things you can do that don’t involve your site directly.

One of the best examples of off page SEO is link backs. If you are able to get an authority site to link to your content, you should see your search engine rankings improve. Social media sharing can also impact your SEO in a positive way.

A lot of SEO guides are focused on people that already know the essentials.

However, if you’re new we always recommend beginning by getting a coach or partner to watch over your shoulder, and to be there to answer questions for you before you bet the farm metaphorically speaking.  Learning by ones mistakes will produce a sharp learning curve, but it can be expensive.  One company who has shown a willingness to work with beginners in the past has been NiSEO – a local Dublin SEO company who can be contacted at the NiSEO Social Media pages.

Now that you’ve read up on SEO for beginners, you’ll be able to take advantage of those guides as well. You’ll be able to learn a great deal, and you’ll be able to accomplish even more.