Developing An SEO Plan for your Company

Steps to Devising an SEO Plan for your Business in Dublin

Nowadays, a lot of businesses have knowledge of the basic concepts involved in SEO and the reasons why it’s important. However, when it comes to devising and implementing a sound SEO plan for your business, it’s wrong to only create content for the keywords your clients are looking for as the Dublin SEO Agency explains.

An SEO strategy plan acts as a blueprint for your activities in Search Engine Optimization and can be broken down into a few definitive steps. It serves as a long term solution to generate traffic to your website, increase your online revenue and improve on conversion rates. When done correctly and with specific goals, you might only begin seeing the results after a few months from the start of your campaign. Working together with an SEO company will enable you to achieve the best returns from your investment.

Initial Analysis

This is where you complete a detailed analysis of the website and its competitors. During an analysis, the consultant usually can see the keywords that have been used previously, the strengths and weaknesses of the site’s latest technical infrastructure, the link building profile, the on-page content, and the competitor analysis. It’s of great importance that clients are honest with optimization professionals about the techniques they have applied in the past.

During the process, the SEO consultant tends to pay a close look at certain factors like:

Internal and external linking.
– Page trees and site structure.
– Content update frequency.
– Content length and quality.
– Metadata and header tags.
– Competitor data.

Report and Recommendations

Depending on the initial analysis, an SEO consultant will identify certain deficiencies on the site, ways of getting new search traffic, and even formulate a report for an SEO campaign. This report will comprise of on-site and off-site techniques that will contribute to the SEO strategy. Usually, a professional company will provide SEO solutions specifically for your personal circumstances.

Keyword Research

Usually, the keywords aimed at are based on the scope and size of the SEO project. After an SEO plan has been identified, the analyst will have a clear understanding of the number of keywords and a plan can be created for how those keywords suit with optimized pages. Analysts begin by looking for keywords and creating a shortlist that both the client and the agency will be happy with.


The changes found for your website are either directly implemented on your pages by your consultancy, in case you have a Content Management System, or they’ll work together with your web developer so as to code the changes needed. Off-page optimization such as link building and optimizing Google Places pages also takes place at this stage.


You ought to be provided with progress reports by your SEO expert during your campaign. This is usually monthly reports since SEO is a long term strategy. During the process, communication is recommended but this is the chance to inquire about any relevant queries concerning the campaign.

Ongoing Maintenance

After you’re ranked on Search Engines, you’ll require to agree with your consultancy experts if you’ll need to widen your keyword portfolio and aim for more words or choose to keep your site’s optimization. This will be based on factors such as the competition in your industry, the number of pages your site has, your conversion rate, traffic generated by your site, and so on.


This includes a review on optimized pages, keywords targeted, SEO copy-writing, link building submissions, and so on. This should be carried out at least every six months to a year. In case you’re operating on a very competitive industry, you’d want to do this sooner than later.

Most professional companies have a list of packages that are suitable for both sole traders and large global enterprises. For a better solution, you can hire SEO experts or you can implement the SEO plan yourself to obtain optimum results for your site.